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Dr. Urs Christian Gießelmann

Organismic Biology
Prof. Dr. Klaudia Witte
AR-B 2203/1
On appointment
+49 (0)271/740-4548

Institute of Biology
Department of Chemistry – Biology
Faculty of Science and Technology
University of Siegen
Adolf-Reichwein-Str. 2
57076 Siegen



Ghizelini, Angela Michelato; Martins, Kelly Geronazzo; Gießelmann, Urs Christian; Santoro, Erika; Pasqualette, Laura; ç, Leda Mendon C S; Rosado, Alexandre Soares; Macrae, Andrew

Fungal communities in oil contaminated mangrove sediments - Who is in the mud? Journal Article

Marine pollution bulletin, 139 , pp. 181–188, 2019.

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Gießelmann, Urs Christian; Borchard, Nils; Traunspurger, Walter; Witte, Klaudia

Long-term effects of charcoal on nematodes and other soil meso- and microfaunal groups at historical kiln-sites -- a pilot study Journal Article

European Journal of Soil Biology, 93 , pp. 103095, 2019, ISSN: 11645563.

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Borchard, N; Kasielke, T; Gießelmann, U C

Forest Management and Agroforestry in Europe: A Mini Review Incollection

&, {Sychev L } V G (Ed.): Novel Methods and Results of Landscape Research in Europe, Central Asia and Siberia, 5 , pp. 146–150, Moskau, 2018.



Witte, Klaudia; Dienstbach, Sven; Gießelmann, Urs Christian; Wellbrock, Arndt Horst Johann

SIEGEN: University of Siegen Zoological Collections Teach Biodiversity Better than Books and Bytes Incollection

Beck, Lothar A (Ed.): Zoological Collections of Germany, pp. 599–607, Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2018, ISBN: 978-3-319-44319-5.

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Borchard, Nils; Adolphs, Timo; Beulshausen, Friederike; Ladd, Brenton; Gießelmann, Urs C; Hegenberg, Dominik; Möseler, Bodo M; Amelung, Wulf

Carbon accrual rates, vegetation and nutrient dynamics in a regularly burned coppice woodland in Germany Journal Article

GCB Bioenergy, 9 (6), pp. 1140–1150, 2017, ISSN: 17571693.

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Gießelmann, Ulrich; Gießelmann, Urs Christian

Der Hauberg - Traditionelle Nachhaltigkeit im Siegerland Incollection

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Gießelmann, Urs Christian; Martins, Kelly Geronazzo; Brändle, Martin; Schädler, Martin; Marques, Renato; Brandl, Roland

Lack of home-field advantage in the decomposition of leaf litter in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil Journal Article

Applied Soil Ecology, 49 , pp. 5–10, 2011, ISSN: 09291393.

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Rösner, S; Gießelmann, U C; Meyer, J; Schwager, M; Wiegand, T; Lück-Vogel, M; Brandl, R

Coloniality of birds in the Kalahari -- spatial distribution of trees and nests of the Sociable Weaver (Philetairus socius) Incollection

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Gießelmann, Urs Christian; Martins, Kelly Geronazzo; Brändle, Martin; Schädler, Martin; Marques, Renato; Brandl, Roland

Diversity and ecosystem functioning: Litter decomposition dynamics in the Atlantic Rainforest Journal Article

Applied Soil Ecology, 46 (2), pp. 283–290, 2010, ISSN: 09291393.

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Gießelmann, U C; Wiegand, T; Meyer, J; Vogel, M; Brandl, R

Spatial distribution of communal nests in a colonial breeding bird: benefits without costs? Journal Article

Austral Ecology, 33 (5), pp. 607–613, 2008, ISSN: 14429985.

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